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Firm Profile


Ruark & Wyatt Architects is a full-service commercial architecture firm in Decatur, Georgia. We design projects in the Atlanta area and around the southeast, with a special focus on distribution/warehouses, industrial/manufacturing facilities and offices.

Our typical projects range from 25,000 square feet to more than a million square feet. We handle new construction, expansions and renovation/retrofit projects, as well as tenant build-outs, space planning and interior design. We welcome design/build projects.

Project Locations

Ruark & Wyatt has worked on projects in GA, AK, AL, CA, FL, IN, LA, MS, NC, NV, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT

Our Core Beliefs

We founded Ruark & Wyatt motivated by the unwavering belief that we could do things better and more efficiently. We build long-term relationships based on value, performance, integrity and client satisfaction.

"Ruark & Wyatt is a breath of fresh air for the industry."
— Todd Osborne, Choate Construction Company

The most important aspect of our operation is the fact that our principals personally handle each project—from initial planning to CDs to construction administration. This enables us to:

  • Respond quickly and effectively to clients' needs;
  • Turn around projects faster than other firms;
  • Deliver better quality so there's less hassle during construction;
  • Give greater value by working more efficiently with a small, highly experienced staff.

Since opening the firm in 1999, we've earned a solid reputation for quality design, exceptional project documents and sound advice.

"The time and effort you devoted to this project was evident in the attention to detail, attentive service and accuracy in the drawings."
— Eric Schoppman, Principal, Schoppman-Freese Company


More Experience Goes Into Your Project

Ruark & Wyatt's principals are in the trenches all day every day, expanding on decades of experience and continually updating our knowledge of codes, materials, techniques and market trends. We're directly involved in every aspect of your project, from phone calls to meetings to drawings. This hands-on approach means that our knowledge and expertise funnel directly and effectively into your project, rather than filtering down through several sets of hands.


Better Communication, Better Response, Better Decisions

Our principals handle all project communications. Your questions and concerns are answered directly and promptly by the decision makers—the people best equipped to help you make your own informed decisions. The person you talk with on the phone is the same person who's coordinating with your engineers, producing your drawings and walking your job site.

"They respond to our questions with meaningful answers, and they deal with project challenges in a very pragmatic, team-oriented manner."
— David Blackmore, President, Integra Construction

To better communicate across the entire team, we translate your building program requirements into a 3D Building Information Model (BIM). This electronic model is available to the client at any time during the design process. We use the BIM to share information among team members, facilitating discussion and decision-making between clients, designers, engineers and contractors.

"You continually go above and beyond the call of duty in coordinating your work as well as the work of our other consultants."
— Todd Osborne, Choate Construction Company

In this role as project team facilitators, we ask tough questions and resolve challenges, providing a refreshingly open and candid discussion of all the issues that are vital to the success of each project.

"…your assistance in working with us and our client through the programming and design phase of a very difficult tenant finish job enabled us to complete the transaction on time and to the satisfaction of our client."
— Michael Demperio, Former partner at Panattoni Development Company


More Efficient, More Flexible

To work smarter and faster, we exploit all the advantages of technology. Early in the project we create the 3D Building Information Model (BIM) that serves as a planning and decision-making tool. It's also a highly efficient production tool; we use the very same BIM to generate the actual construction documents. This alleviates many of the coordination problems caused by designing with outdated 2D modeling, allowing us to deliver more accurate projects more quickly. Our highly-detailed CDs can actually save clients money and speed up the construction process.

"…provide a very refreshing approach to the construction process…drawings are detailed and completed to a level which exceeds that of many larger firms."
— David Blackmore, President, Integra Construction

Working with the 3D BIM gives us flexibility by simplifying the process of making large-scale design changes. This enables clients to make design changes that would be cost-prohibitive using 2D production methods. This flexibility gives our clients a tremendous benefit, empowering them to accommodate unforseen changes to their building program, or to respond quickly and efficiently with an updated design that better meets the changing needs of the building's end user.